How does the darknet factor into your cyber risk portfolio?

This is the metric you’ve been missing.

Get DARKINT Scores via our new Scores API Endpoint, or through DarkOwl Vision, our online user interface.


We do more than just scan the darknet.

Our scoring algorithm requires only a company’s domain name to generate an associated DARKINT Exposure Score.

Scores are generated using DarkOwl’s extensive database of DARKINT – darknet, deep web and high-risk surface net content – with the final numerical value being representative of a company’s overall darknet exposure.

The methodology for score calculation uses a formula that takes into account the quantity and latency of darknet data related to a particular organization, as well as the Hackishness™ of the results, which indicate how likely the company's exposed data could be used for criminal activity.


How can DARKINT Scores benefit your business?


Cyber risk insurance & cyber security ratings providers

Much like a credit score, a DARKINT Score is a clear and simple data point that will help the cyber insurance industry better measure and understand a company's business risk.


Brand monitoring & vendor risk assessment

Scores can also be utilized for self-risk assessments, as well as brand monitoring and vendor risk management. Our Saas platform makes it easy for small teams to use.


How we do it

Metrics based on real-time darknet content

Simply put, DarkOwl has unmatched darknet coverage.

So, you can rest assured that each DARKINT Score is calculated using the most extensive database of darknet content available in the industry. Submit a request to learn more, and one of our team members will be happy to give you more information about our collection of dark web data.